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Ransomware in healthcare

We will continuously update this page with information about ransomware in healthcare. We invite you to follow @EBhealthcare to stay up to date with the latest news.

Current Ransomware Resources

Communications during a Ransomware Attack

Cyberattacks, especially ransomware are far too common in today’s healthcare landscape. Communications are vital during an attack.  The mean time to know (MTTK) can drastically affect outcomes. If the virus is spreading through your servers, a rapid notification system helps you protect servers and mitigate damages.  Here’s how Everbridge can help:

  • IT Alerting can notify you within seconds of a server being down
  • Incident management can notify key personnel an attack is taking place and greatly speed MTTK
  • Secure communications run separately from your system. So even after hackers are in your system, you still have reliable, secure, military-grade communication

You can learn more about our communications system by requesting a demo now.    


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