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Recruiter’s Office – A Peak Behind the Curtain, 2016

Until the current business cycle began in 2014, recruiting focused on two parallel responsibilities. The first was to engage with business leadership to understand the composition, drivers and state of the business. The second was to understand the talent marketplace, and to enable our business to compete for the right people.


But in 2016, things have changed. The new, equally important driver of recruiting success is reputation in the marketplace. This refers to an organization’s ability to cultivate a positive and insightful interview experience for candidates, to provide a productive and empowering work culture for employees and to give the public a window into these inner workings through robust sharing.


Without any of the three legs to this talent acquisition stool, the role of the recruiter will inevitably turn into that of a paper pusher, as it will be nearly impossible to consistently court and win top talent. The bottom line here is that there are simply too many companies yearning to hire the same smart people, and these opportunities are increasingly easy for even most passive candidates to find.


Most companies have already figured out that a failure to understand the composition, drivers and state of their existing employee base will lead to an inability to schedule interviews with the right candidates to join that team.  They also understand that a failure to understand the marketplace will lead to an inability to bring the best people in for meetings with executives.


Now, in 2016, a failure to provide each and every person who interacts with your company a top tier, high quality experience will lead to public shaming on popular sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed. Failure to provide the public a view into what it is like to work at your company through blog posts, pictures, and a dynamically designed website will be viewed more as an abdication, than as an oversight.


Now imaging a company firing on all three of these cylinders. Recruiters are plugged into the state of the business – they are able to provide candidates with detailed insight into what is going on at the company; and they are equipped to explore the reasons that candidates should be excited about them. These recruiters would understand market salaries, and know what companies and universities are turning out people who will desire a career with the firm. The candidates who interact with this company are exposed to dynamic hiring teams, and are given deep insight into what challenges they will be tackling, and into what the long term rewards will be. Imagine this company, and you have imagined Everbridge.

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