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How a Regional ENS Approach Can Improve Public Safety Communications

A large scale event that crosses municipal jurisdiction lines, requires a multi-agency response approach. A region’s public safety communication strategy should reflect that. It is important because residents often don’t work and reside in the same communities. In reality, they are moving fluidly between many towns, counties and or states. The National Capital Region (NCR) and states like Florida and Connecticut identified that and deployed a regional and statewide ENS. This improved their public safety communications strategy from a couple standpoints including:

    Increased resident awareness of system which increased adoption Increased situation awareness for all agencies Improved coordinated response during events Decreased costs and ensured every agency had a system
To learn the many more benefits to a regional ENS approach, read the recent GCN Article. To learn how Everbridge can help your agency, city, county or state improve public safety communications, visit this page.

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