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Report: Telehealth Apps Account for the Majority of Medical App Sales


Telehealth is an emerging market in the healthcare industry, which is apparent by  the findings of a new study. According to Kalorama’s report, mHealth Markets Worldwide, 40 percent of all medical apps sales are related to telehealth. In total, the medical app market reached $489 million in 2015.


Involvement in this care segment has several benefits. According to Bruce Carlson, Publisher of Kalorama Information, hospitals, caregivers, device manufacturers and patients are continuing to jump on board with acceptance and use of this technology.


It should come as no surprise that telehealth apps are extremely popular with the wide range of benefits they can offer to hospitals and patient care organizations, including:


  • Reduced readmissions rates – With the ability to connect with patients without actually having them come in to the hospital, penalties from CMS for high-readmissions rates can be avoided. 
  • Expanded reach in rural areas– Not all patients will live close to your hospital. With telehealth, you can conduct e-visits via a mobile device, rather than making a patient drive into the hospital for a half hour in-person visit.
  • Improved chronic disease management – Ensure that your patients with chronic illnesses are taking their medication and following other post-discharge instructions.


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