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Shopping for a notification system? – Part one

If you are in the market for a notification system, where do you really start? What should you consider? Let’s discuss the first 5 things you should have on your to do list when you dive into your search process.

1. What business problems am I trying to solve? Knowing this at the start of any investigation is going to help ensure that your outcome is a success. Will the vendor do an in depth analysis of your business to provide a solution that fits? What is your prospective business partner showing you? Shiny baubles to distract your attention? Are they getting to the heart of the matter? If you don’t know what the heart of the matter is, then it will be infinitely difficult for them to help you solve your problems.

2. What is the vendor’s primary business? A vendor who has multiple business streams can’t have your undivided attention when it comes to notification. Worse still, they may have gotten into the notification business for a side income stream. If they do have multiple businesses, do they run a dedicated environment or is is shared with other revenue generators like telemarketing and collection calls?

3. Is the vendor stable? If a vendor is engaged in merger and acquisition activity, the product may be a victim of changes to the company. What are the vendor’s short and long term corporate plans?

4. Are they a recognized industry thought leader? Is the vendor an industry leader? Or a follower?

5. Are they known as an expert in your market space? Does the vendor have a reputation being a leader in your market vertical?

Were any of these considerations a part of your search for a notification vendor? If so (or if not), did they become a factor in your experience with that vendor?

Come back to the Everbridge blog for the next installment of this thought-provoking list of tips to help you select the best notification vendor!

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