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Social networking and misinformation

Our latest Everbridge Expert Insights webinar featured Dr. Robert Chandler, renowned crisis communication expert, discussing Rumors and Misinformation: How to Control the Deadly Information Infection.

One of our attendees posed a question about social networking sites – a topic that comes up frequently in our webinars, no matter what communication topic we are discussing.

Lee T. asked Dr. Chandler to address how social media is affecting rumors and misinformation. In his response, Dr. Chandler noted that social networks essentially follow the same rumor patterns that have always been observed, but the difference is that now misinformation has a faster pace and circulation. Also, there is a lack of internal checks and balances on the information being posted. Dr. Chandler’s theory is that social networking will ultimately prove to be an advantage for smart individuals, companies and schools who will make use of social networking as a window to rumor perpetuation. Social sites can be used as a listening post – rather than being used to defeat and correct rumors.

Are you finding that social network activity is looming larger and larger on your BC/DR radar? In terms of misinformation, does your organization use social networking sites to correct the information or do you choose not to address the rumors? Is your organization using social networking to its advantage? We look forward to hearing from you.

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