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A Timely Reminder from the Rio Olympics

The Olympic Games in Rio kicks off this week in the shadow of the Zika Virus, doping scandals and water pollution. Amongst the competing athletes will be thousands of business people – from sponsors, sports marketing companies and those associated with the management and support of those competing for glory. The Olympics reminds us that global business travel can throw people into unexpected environments. Some of these are caused by acts of nature, such as flooding, hurricanes or earthquakes. Others can be acts of terrorism or political coups. In every event, employers have a duty of care to their employees to support them through a crisis. This can be easier said than done. Information on the ground can be conflicting and difficult to trust. Employees may be uncontactable. It might be difficult to know with any degree of certainty whether you have employees in the affected area. Everbridge Safety Connection helps businesses and organisations quickly locate and communicate with their people. The solution combines geo-location data from multiple systems to help employers reach those who are potentially at risk, whatever the circumstances. Everbridge Safety Connection can help:

  • Ensure the safety of local and remote employees
  • Increase your ability to communicate with travelling employees
  • Automate evacuation procedures in the event of emergencies
  Safety Connection also includes a Panic Button app, available on iOS and Android, which changes your smartphone into a secret bodyguard to keep employees safe. What procedures do you have in place when your employees travel? If you believe your plans can be improved, or if you simply want to understand more about best practices in the area, please contact us below for more information.
  1. To find out more about the risks of the Zika Virus, including an overview from Dr James Logan of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and star of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, click here
  2. For more on Safety Connection from Everbridge click here
  3. Or simply contact us and we will follow up with more information
  Enjoy the Olympics!

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