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The Importance of Location-Aware Employee Safety in Business Continuity Planning

Keep Employees Safe at Home and Abroad with Location Data from Physical Security Systems 


Globalization is constantly bringing our world closer together, and as companies grow and join the global economy, employees find themselves traveling around the world to conduct their business. This leaves companies with a tough task – how can business continuity managers help ensure employees are safe and communicate instantly, no matter where they are located?


This is where location-aware employee safety comes into play.  When disaster strikes, organizations need to quickly communicate with their people in case of a location-based event (active shooter, fire, explosion, natural disaster or terrorist attack) to help protect their safety and direct them to take specific actions.


Easier said than done. 


However, with the help of timely location data collected from physical systems, safety-conscious organizations can automatically keep employee locations current even when employees are traveling or moving between buildings and campuses. These physical security systems include:

  • Access control and badging systems
  • Wired and wireless network access points
  • Hoteling systems
  • Corporate travel management systems


This presents a huge opportunity for global security business continuity planning and professionals, especially from an off-site asset management perspective. By using objects like employee access badges, companies can maintain a database of where their employees are, and use that data for triggering automated incident communication for rostering, mustering and site evacuation purposes.


To learn how Everbridge’s Safety Connection can allow you to leverage location based alerting for security and incident response, click here.

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