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Guest Blog Series: Understanding The True Power Of Information

When Guttenberg created his printing press it ushered in the dawning of the age of the Renaissance. In the history of inventions, I look at the printing press as the single greatest invention of all.


Starting with the Bible, the printing press allowed the knowledge of a single person to be shared with many people. It created the ability to learn, teach and share on a scale that had not been equaled and was truly the birthplace of everything we know today and the evolution of that printing press is why we now can share on a much broader scale today.


It is said that, “Information is power”, but that is only partially correct. You can have all the information in the world, which the Internet now offers us, but if you don’t do anything with that information, renders it useless.


When we have information we use it in the ways that benefit us the most. In turn, when we share that information, we benefit others so that they can also use the information to benefit themselves the most.


For public safety, it is this sharing of information that creates not only individual benefits but benefits for your entire community. This is the power of one to the benefit of many.


Within the power of the Internet is the world platforms dedicated to the sharing of information in the model of one (or few) to many. Utilizing those platforms allows for efficient transfer of knowledge and also empowers those that receive it to create the benefit they need.


When I receive information from my local law enforcement agency, emergency preparedness organization or traffic management provider, I have the choice of using that information to make my life better. I can become more aware of events within my community, occurred crime or wanted persons and even plan my routes to avoid traffic delays.


What allows all of this to happen is the true power of information…the sharing of that information by those that have the information first. When that true power of information transfer occurs on a regular basis through a trusted platform, like Nixle, I receive the added benefit of knowing who I can turn to as a trusted source of information. Social media has also quickly become a trusted source for law enforcement to send information to residents. The Social Media Guide for Law Enforcement was created to help agencies of all sizes harness the power of social media to help enhance community engagement and quickly share information with the public. The guide contains tips, best practices and use cases for law enforcement agencies to learn from and incorporate in their own social media strategy.


So use the power of information. Take advantage of the direct benefits through sharing your information and the resulting effect of becoming a trusted resource and creating a safer and more informed community.


Click to download the Social Media Guide for Law Enforcement