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Upcoming webinar: Advanced communication strategies for incident/risk management

Effectively monitoring, assessing and responding to threats and operational risk events is a challenging task for many organizations especially considering the growing complexities in business, technology, information and supply-chain interdependencies. Not only have these complexities brought forth the convergence of additional risk management and control functions, they’ve had an effect on the incident/risk event response and communication strategies that organizations use.

Operational and IT risk, business continuity, cyber security, data privacy, third party/vendor risk management, legal/regulatory compliance etc. all play a role in shaping major IT incident response and communication plans. With so many new threats to consider in response planning and communications processes, what approach should be applied to expand the scope and focus of continuity planning strategies?

Join us for our webinar on Thursday, April 21st at 1:00 pm EDT as operational and IT risk management leader, Peter Poulos introduces us to:

  • Emerging threats that should be taken into consideration when determining major IT incident response plans and the associated communication process.
  • How a risk-based approach should be applied when developing continuity planning strategies

Register today! Advanced Communication Strategies for Incident / Risk Management Improving Response to Threats and Risks.

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