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Upcoming webinar: Creating a connected organization through critical communications with Chris Hartinger of Starbucks


On the heels of an excellent and informative webinar with CIBC Mellon, Everbridge is teaming up with Chris Hartinger, Business Continuity Enterprise Emergency Manager of Starbucks, to explore how the leading retail provider of premier coffee efficiently manages crucial communications. 

With over 200,000 employees scattered in North America alone and a huge portfolio of partners, manufacturers and key stakeholders, the ability for Starbucks to deliver sensitive or even life-threatening information at a moment’s notice is a crucial part of the company’s business continuity strategy. 


Join Everbridge and Chris on Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM (ET)/9:00 AM (PT) for this exclusive webinar, Starbucks – Creating a Connected Organization through Critical Communications.  Expect these highlights from the session:

  • Learn why Starbucks identified the need for a unified critical communications system
  • Challenges the organization faces when notifying different types of employees
  • How they work with partners in their retailer, manufacturer and distribution channels
  • The importance of ensuring product quality and safety while in foreign countries
  • Ensuring accountability and compliance with regulatory agencies
  • How Starbucks thinks beyond traditional enterprise notification and leverages connected systems to harness the internet of things (IOT)


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