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Upcoming webinar: Harnessing #mobililty for crisis communications


At any given time, do you know where all your residents and staff are located? Of course not. So, when you really need to reach them, how can you figure out where to find them? During a crisis, this is not something you can determine on the fly. This is why mobility is critical. Organizations can harness secure mobile communications to reach their employees, customers and other key stakeholders, wherever they may be located at that time.


To learn more, join us for a new webinar on January 27th at 2 PM EST, Leveraging Mobility for Crisis Communication: Challenges and Opportunities, with Dr. Robert C. Chandler of the University of Central Florida and Francis Willett, Director of Professional Services for Everbridge and Director of Emergency Management for Durham, Connecticut. In this session, these experts will discuss the importance of mobility during a crisis, and the best practices to employ.


And, here is a sneak peak of what you will learn:


When discussing mobility for the use of critical communications, Dr. Chandler describes three key challenges – location, people and technology. Depending on the time of day, or the day of the week, some of these challenges can be perpetuated. To be effective at communications, organizations need to consider many variables. Consider, for example, a normal day for your employee. In the morning he or she might respond to and confirm receipt of a critical communications message via an email at work, but perhaps around 5:30 PM during their commute, they may only answer a voice call on their mobile phone. Having a critical communication system in place can help automate this process by establishing rules around the behavior of individuals so that they receive, and interact with, communications through the most appropriate mobile communications channel to ensure delivery success and confirmation.


So join us on January 27th to learn more about this, and make sure to keep the conversation going on Twitter, using the hashtag #Mobility and following @everbridge.

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