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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

Upcoming webinar: “Utilizing situational intelligence in a crisis with Everbridge”

This month was all about situational intelligence.  We’ve covered a wide range of topics from fostering strategic collaboration and communication networks, to leveraging a “new frontier” of information sources, tools and opportunities to make informed decisions.

As March comes to a close, the team is bringing it full circle.  Join us on April 2nd for a new webinar, “Utilizing Situational Intelligence in a Crisis with Everbridge” featuring our very own Senior Product Manager, Meghan Hounshell.  Meghan will address the importance of situational intelligence in regards to crisis management and how companies can determine their preferred type of information when assessing a situation.  Included in the webinar are tips on how to hear through the “noise” and gather relevant information to arrive at an optimal resolution. Participants can also see Meghan demonstrate how to use a critical communication tool to collect the right information to successfully execute a disaster or crisis recovery plan.


Additional details of the webinar are below – we look forward to having you join!


Who: Meghan Hounshell, Senior Product Manager, Everbridge


What: A new webinar, “Utilizing Situational Intelligence in a Crisis with Everbridge,” that will highlight the important role situational intelligence plays in critical decision making.


When: Thursday, April 2,2015 2:00 PM (ET)/11:00 AM (PT)



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