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Video highlights from our webinar with Shahid Shah “The healthcare IT guy”

We recently hosted a webinar with Shahid Shah “The Healthcare IT Guy.” Shah shared some excellent insights into the transforming healthcare landscape and how creating a connected hospital through unified communications can help guide your hospital through these changes. Below are some highlights from the webinar:



Complexity Cannot Be Eliminated, It MUST Be Handled

One of the first major topics Shah touched on was how complex communications are in a hospital setting. With many devices and types of communications going on each day, it can be beneficial to run these communications via a single solution. 




How Do These Notifications Work in Your Environment?

With so many different types of notifications in a hospital setting it is important to understand how you handle them. How do clinical alarms work? How are you alerted when an EHR outage occurs? Shahid explains how creating these notifications via a single unified platform can benefit your hospital




The Strategy that Will Fix Healthcare

Complexity creates many problems for hospitals. Shahid Shah touches on a strategy that could help fix healthcare and how communications fit into this strategy. 




The Shift from Volume to Value-Based Care

Shahid Shah talks about the shift in healthcare from volume to value-based care.





We hope you enjoyed these key highlights from our webinar with Shahid Shah “The Healthcare IT Guy.” To learn more about unified communications and how it can help you create a connected hospital, watch the full webinar

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