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Everbridge acquires Vocal

Vocal is recognized as Europe’s most trusted innovator and award-winning provider of business continuity, emergency notification, and incident response solutions. Today, Vocal serves over 1,000 customers across 85 countries, including some of the world’s largest employers and central government organizations. Vocal was selected as the emergency and incident messaging supplier for the 2012 London Olympics.

Headquartered in Colchester, UK, Vocal will act as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Everbridge, and will retain its brand as “Vocal, an Everbridge company.” Vocal will continue to maintain its relationship with customers, including pricing policies, business practices, and contractual obligations.

We welcome Vocal, with their team of passionate and experienced people, into the Everbridge family. Together, we are excited to enhance the value of services we deliver to our customers, through a combination of talented services professionals, technology, and global presence.

  1. Why did Everbridge acquire Vocal?
    Everbridge’s vision is to deliver unified critical communication solutions worldwide. The combination of Vocal’s reputation, expertise, and infrastructure and Everbridge’s global operations and market leadership make us the only company that can manage truly global unified critical communication.
  2. What are the benefits to customers?
    As a customer of Everbridge, the acquisition of Vocal is expected to provide these principal benefits to you:
    • Access to the richest platform and largest communication delivery infrastructure.
      The combination of Everbridge’s Unified Critical Communication platform, Vocal’s technology platform, and our worldwide data center locations result in the richest product offering and broadest delivery capability for critical communications worldwide.
    • Stronger localized sales and service across the globe.
      The combination of Vocal’s significant presence in the UK and Everbridge’s significant presence in the US, Europe, and Asia will enable us to provide true enterprise-class critical communications support and delivery.
    • Expansion of the Everbridge and Vocal global ecosystems.
      The combination of Everbridge and Vocal partners and customer interaction enhances our ability to understand, implement, and manage critical communication solutions worldwide.
  3. How will this change how I do business with Everbridge?
    The acquisition of Vocal will not change how customers interact with Everbridge. Everbridge will continue to supply you with the market-leading critical communication products and service on which you have come to rely.
  4. How will this announcement affect Everbridge’s product roadmap?
    Everbridge’s short-term product roadmap will remain unchanged. However, Everbridge will be working with the Vocal team over the next few months to leverage the best practices, features, and functions that are available in the Vocal platform to drive ongoing product improvement and innovation.
  5. How will this announcement affect Vocal’s product roadmap?
    There are no planned changes to Vocal’s product roadmap. Everbridge is committed to maintaining the Vocal product, ensuring it remains best-in-class and delivering the same levels of service Vocal customers expect and demand.
  6. What are the plans for technology integration between Everbridge and Vocal?
    The Vocal and Everbridge product platforms will be managed and maintained separately. Future integration products or joint roadmap projects may be developed to enhance functionality across both platforms.
  7. Will the Vocal product still be sold?
    Yes, Vocal will continue to sell Vocal products to new and existing customers. Vocal account executives will continue to support Vocal customers.
  8. Will Vocal customers be required to migrate to the Everbridge platform?
    No, the option of migrating to Everbridge is available to Vocal customers at their discretion, but Everbridge and Vocal are committed to the Vocal product and maintaining its platform to remain best in class.

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