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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

Webinar preview: Designing the perfect business continuity training exercise

The past five years have seen a steady increase in companies adopting business continuity plans to ensure they are prepared in the event of the unforeseeable occurring. Creating a plan is a major first step in the process of protecting your business, but without regular exercises your plan may fall short of its full potential. Regina Phelps is here to help ensure you get the most out of your business continuity exercises.

Regina Phelps is an internationally recognized expert in the field of emergency management and continuity planning. She is founder of Emergency Management & Safety Solutions, a consulting company specializing in incident management, exercise design, and continuity and pandemic planning. Clients include many Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Phelps is a frequent top-rated speaker at well-known conferences such as the Disaster Recovery Journal, CP&M, and the World Conference on Disaster Management. She is frequently sought out for her common sense approach and clear, clean delivery of complex topics.

Join Regina on Wednesday, August 17th at 12:00 PM ET (9:00 AM Pacific) for this expert webinar, Designing the Perfect Business Continuity Training Exercise, to answer the question, Why are we doing this? What looks like a simple query is actually one of the keys to getting the most out of every exercise you design. Whether you are developing simple tabletop exercises or working on a full-scale exercise that resembles a Hollywood movie, this session will provide you with some simple gems that will make your exercise sizzle.

Topics covered

  • Learn the secret of the “silly little question”
  • Unearth and exploit this golden opportunity
  • Discover the power of a design team
  • Realize the two most basic concepts in exercise design

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