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Webinar Review: Social Media and Community Engagement for Law Enforcement

Building Your Social Footprint for Law Enforcement – A Webinar with Lauri Stevens 


In 2015, 76% of all American Internet users had a social media profile. This represents a huge opportunity for Law Enforcement agencies to build community engagement and personally connect with the citizens they serve. But how can your agency most efficiently use this powerful resource to reach these users in a productive manner? You will need a Social Media Strategy, and Lauri Stevens is here to help!


Lauri Stevens is the principal consultant and founder of LAwS Communications. Lauri is also the creator and producer of the SMILE Conference® and the creator of the award winning ConnectedCOPS™ blog and social media awards program. She is an interactive media professional with over 25 years of media experience, including 12 years in higher education as a Department Chair of Interactive Media. She has spent the past 6 years working full-time on coming up with new ideas, techniques and solutions in helping Law Enforcement develop a sound social media strategy for better community engagement.


Lauri was kind enough to join Everbridge recently to record a webinar where she clearly outlines the hurdles every social media cop faces, and gives clear step-by-step strategies to tackle them. While Lauri does cover the basics, she gets more advanced and gives advice for individuals who may already have been running their agency’s social media for years. Everbridge’s own Jim Gatta, Director of Community Engagement, joins Lauri and shares how Everbidge can be used as an effective tool to increase community engagement, as well as some powerful stories of Law Enforcement agencies resourcefully leveraging Everbridge in their own social media strategy.


Video 1: Lauri covers the basics of social media for Law Enforcement


Video 2: Lauri gets more advanced and covers her 5 steps to becoming a better social media cop


Video 3: Lauri sums up her presentation with a few key takeaways


Video 4: Jim gives an overview of how Everbridge can be effectively leveraged to increase community engagement


Video 5: Hear some use cases of agencies using Everbridge in their own social media strategy



Hear more from Lauri and Jim by watching the full webinar here


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