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IT Communications and the customer

When an IT incident occurs, various stakeholders, including IT operations, technical support teams, C-level executives, other internal teams and customers require information on the incident immediately. The nature of this communication will also vary by incident type, location and severity. So how can you optimize your IT Operations response and communications to make sure the right people are notified, the issues are resolved, and customers stay happy?

Our recent webinar, “IT Communications And The Customer: Improving Incident Response To Meet Rising Expectations” unveiled several critical IT communication best practices from our guest speaker, Forrester’s Nick Hayes. Nick and our VP of Product Management, Claudia Dent, covered several key concepts, including:

  • How rising customer expectations impact the way you deal with downtime, respond to any crisis, and help you build the business case for better incident response
  • Automating and escalating internal communication to ensure the IT staff are notified
  • incident response and tracking
  • Optimizing internal and external notifications for confirmation (and success)
  • Q&A

For more from Nick, visit his blog:

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