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Top five communication challenges for the Fortune 1000

Today, more than ever, Fortune 1000 organizations are faced with complex communication issues. In order to meet key business and personnel safety objectives, they have to adapt and evolve their crisis communication strategies. Many are doing so with mass communication platforms, which have come a long way from their early emergency notification roots. Join Patrick Potter, eGRC solutions manager at RSA – the Security Division of EMC, and Imad Mouline, chief strategy officer at Everbridge for a live webinar, Top 5 Communications Challenges for the Fortune 1000. During this educational session, you’ll learn the best ways to address the top 5 communications challenges facing Fortune 1000 organizations, including:

  • Mobile workforce management
  • Personalizing & localizing global communications
  • Incorporating insight from social media
  • Factoring risk prevention and mitigation into your communications strategy
  • Coordinating day-to-day communications needs, including IT security processes and incident management, along with emergency and event communications technologies and processes
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