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Zika preparedness: An emergency management panel

Expert Panel for Zika Preparedness

  The Zika virus, a mosquito-borne virus linked to neurological birth disorders, continues to be a serious problem worldwide. More cases in the US are being announced every day, with 14 new cases of sexually transmitted Zika virus being announced by the CDC just this week, several of which among pregnant women. The CDC wrote in a recent statement, “These new reports suggest sexual transmission may be a more likely means of transmission for Zika virus than previously considered.” [1] As the Zika outbreak progresses, Zika preparedness and planning becomes a critical talking point for leaders in public and private sectors. Questions such as how to handle an infected employee in the office or where to direct citizens so they can acquire accurate, up to date information need to be addressed and answered to ensure the highest level of citizen and employee safety through Zika preparedness. Dr. Ranya Habash leads a cross-industry expert panel discussion on how healthcare, government, and corporate leaders can better ensure the safety of their citizens and employees. Dr. Paola Lichtenberg also joins to give an in-depth explanation of what health officials know so far about the Zika virus and its potential effects. Corporate leaders Tom Crane and Andrew Woods also join Dr. Habash and Dr. Lichtenberg in the discussion on Zika preparedness. Ranya Habash is the Chief Medical Officer at Everbridge. She is the founder of Eye Physicians of Florida as well as the official eye surgeon of the UFC. Tom Crane is a Senior Solutions Consultant and Technical Account Manager at Everbridge. Tom has a wealth of experience working with different government agencies in emergency management scenarios. Paola Lichtenberg is an Infectious Disease Specialist at the University of Miami, as well as the Director of their Tropical Medicine Program. Dr. Lichtenberg joins us to provide a high level of medical knowledge on Zika and those viruses similar to it. Andrew Woods is the former Senior Risk Analyst for Cargill PLC and has been working in the Business Continuity field since 2004. Andrew boasts a wealth of knowledge of both Business Continuity and the Everbridge platform, and brings a corporate leadership perspective to the panel. Background Q1. What info should you try to share with employees around Zika? What should the goal be? Q2. What resources do you use for planning and communication strategies around Zika? Q3. How can residents access/acquire information from public health organizations? Q4. What message topics should government agencies be prepared to address as mosquito season approaches? Q5. What should companies communicate to workers they are sending to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro or other high risk areas? Q6. What are effective strategies for private, public and healthcare organizations working together? For example, how can private organizations be made aware of what public organizations are doing and what resources there are?   If you are interested in learning more about Zika Preparedness from our panelists, view the full webinar slide deck here.



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