Located in Downtown Los Angeles, American Business Bank (ABB) is one of the premier middle market business banks in the U.S. ABB specializes in business banking with clients that are typically well run private companies with sales between $5 million and $200 million. Due to the large amount of capital being managed by ABB, it is essential that they minimize the impact of any critical incidents quickly and effectively. A reliable and efficient critical communication system is a basic facet of any business continuity plan, made even more essential for organizations in the financial services industry managing assets for hundreds of different business clients.

Case Study Problem

Due to its geographic location, Los Angeles is susceptible to a number of nature disaster scenarios such as earthquakes and other critical incidents. This created a need for a critical communication system to help ABB reach employees during these events to make sure they’re safe and informed at all times. Reliable and secure messaging capabilities are crucial when disaster strikes, as traditional communication methods such as email or cell phone calls may not be viable options for communication.

Case Study Solution For Critical Incidents

American Business Bank chose Everbridge to communicate with employees during disasters or critical incidents as it allowed for seamless communication to all staff members in a short amount of time. The system is easy to use and requires relatively little training to operate effectively, which saves the organization time and money. Additionally, ABB is able to build custom contact lists and message templates so message senders can focus all of their attention on the disaster at hand without worrying about creating messages from scratch in times of high stress.







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“Ever since we started using Everbridge, it’s been a great partnership for us. The system is very user friendly and we are successfully using it to communicate to all of our staff members within a very short period of time.”

– Debbie Dair, Senior Vice President & Cashier, American Business Bank

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