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eBook: Digital Solutions to Improve Building Resilience

Importance of Creating Safe Smart Buildings

In this eBook Verdantix Partners with Everbridge on the Importance of Adapting Digital Solutions to Improve Building Resilience

Smart buildings have successfully helped companies improve energy efficiency, but with the current health, safety, and security challenges, that is no longer enough. Organizations need to apply technology to create user-centric smart buildings that allow people to safely return to the workplace after a pandemic, keep people safe from physical threats, and continue to run in the event of digital disruptions such as cyber attacks.

But what key technology is out there that enables organizations to increase the productivity, engagement, and wellbeing of building occupants? And when a critical event does occur, can the same technology also facilitate faster and more effective responses?

To answer this, Everbridge partnered with independent research firm Verdantix to understand the role of Critical Event Management solutions in creating safe and resilient buildings that provide a secure and trusted environment for people while enabling effective management responses to evolving threats.

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