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Improving Public Health Communication with Everbridge | Franklin County Board of Public Health and Columbus Public Health Case Study

Franklin County Board of Health and Columbus Public Health have long been guardians for the health and welfare of more than one million Ohio residents and are credited with saving countless lives during public health threats dating back to the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918. The two health departments work together to direct public health communication, planning, and response to public health threats for the citizens of Columbus and Franklin counties, providing assistance with environmental, bacterial, viral, and man-made health issues. During an outbreak or other public health emergency, these health departments oversee and coordinate local fire departments,police departments, hospitals, school systems, and various agencies.

Case Study Problem

Franklin County Board of Health and Columbus Public Health found that a telephone-based emergency notification system did not meet their vigorous requirements for emergency public health communication. The agencies required a platform that could send notifications to multiple contact paths with the ability to enable escalation to eliminate out-dated phone trees.

Case Study Solution For Public Health Communication

Everbridge is a faster, more reliable emergency notification system for Franklin County Board of Health and Columbus Public Health that also helps with non-emergency and critical public health communication. Everbridge provides a multi-modal notification platform, including escalation rules that can be set up to ensure messages are received and confirmed by those whom need to be informed during an incident.