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Customer Stories

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Manufacturing Safety

Manufacturing company can notify employees in seconds with Everbridge

manufacturing company in mid-Atlantic relies on Everbridge to keep over 17,000 employees safe during using Mass Notification.

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Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare company plans for another 25 years with Everbridge

An American healthcare company with a user base of over 3,000 relies on Everbridge Mass Notification to
reach the right person, at the right time, when staffing and other challenge

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Campus Safety Communications

Use of mass notification at Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University uses Everbridge Mass Notification for campus safety and communications when emergencies and regional events require immediate notification.

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University Communications

Everbridge receives perfect marks from university 

A university has relied on Everbridge for over ten years to send notifications to over 30,000 recipients, campus TVs, and…

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Government communications

Everbridge dramatically increases a government agency’s ability to communicate

Whether it’s a service down or a weather emergency, this organization is confident that with Everbridge and Mass Notification, they have the solution they need to ensure resilience

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It's A Pleasure To Meet You

International law office rates Everbridge 10/10

The platform has increased our productivity since we started using it for IS outages; if we experience an issue with…

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Friends In The Rain

Everbridge keeps university connected and aligned during critical events

A university in a large city in the United States uses Everbridge Mass Notification to ensure all students and staff…

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Regional district saves time and ensures constituents are notified with Everbridge

A regional government agency relies on Everbridge Mass Notification to effectively communicate with 3,400 constituents during outages and emergencies. By…

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Hanging Out On Campus

Ensuring campus safety at DePaul University

DePaul University has found that Everbridge allows them to easily and quickly send texts, voice calls, and emails, making it…

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Everbridge For The Oil And Gas Industry

Everbridge for the oil and gas industry

Everbridge for the Oil and Gas Industry

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On Call Communications

ViaSat optimizes scheduling with xMatters

ViaSat deployed xMatters to schedule an on-call system for customers. xMatters brought efficiency to quickly get in touch with the…

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Food Services

Gordon Food Service achieves less downtime and increased efficiencies with xMatters

The biggest feature is event alerting and the record retention. This way, if something goes wrong, we can provide a…

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