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Customer Perspective: LG&E and KU Energy

LG&E and KU Energy, discusses the importance of Everbridge's mobile capabilities and how he utilizes the system during disruptive events and customer threats.

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Customer Perspective: A Major Biotechnology Corporation

A major biotechnology corporation discusses how the Everbridge system is utilized during disruptive events, such as earthquakes and those that require employees to shelter-in-plac

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On-Call Scheduling

When you need to reach on-call staff quickly, you don’t want to spend time searching schedules on whiteboards or sifting through spreadsheets to find the people you need.

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IT Alerting

Up to 80% of downtime is caused by either human error or a failure to follow set processes. To reduce mistakes and maximize IT system uptime, you need to ensure that the right experts are engaged as quickly as possible and are communicating with the most up-to-date information.


Everbridge Brochure – Government

Quick and reliable Emergency Communication is critical to the operations of any municipality. whether related to criminal activities, severe weather or missing persons, the ability to quickly and reliably reach staff, emergency personnel, and citizens – over any voice or text device – and confirm receipt of notifications – can help protect life and property. As part of the eNS evolution, real-time data such as social media feeds, weather alerts, and visual data from on-the-scene mobile users can now be used to create situational intelligence. Situational intelligence provides critical insight into developing events and can be used by authorities to help prevent a crisis before it occurs or to manage the aftermath of an incident.


Customer Perspective: Tulare County

Tulare County shares how the county utilizes the Everbridge Unified Critical Communications suite and describes its useful features, including the mobile application and custom da

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What Does Everbridge Do?

The Everbridge Critical Event Management platform helps you get the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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Spring Release – Threat View (powered by NC4)

Threat View (powered by NC4) is the newest addition to Interactive Visibility, which alerts organizations of threats, including hurricanes, bombings, and cyber attacks.

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Spring Release – Mobility Enhancements

Everbridge experts discuss new features of the Mobile Member application, including mobile thresholds and unsolicited messages, as part of the Spring Release.

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Spring Release: Infrastructure Expansion

Everbridge experts discuss Infrastructure Expansion, which includes a complete rebuild of our core broadcasting engine. 

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Customer Retrospective with University of New Haven

University of New Haven, discusses how the Everbridge Mobile App enabled him to alert and update students and faculty about an emergency situation on campus.  

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Spring Release: Custom Maps

Everbridge CTO Imad Mouline discusses the new Custom Maps feature of our Critical Event Management platform.

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