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Westfield Gas & Electric on Everbridge

From two-way communication to harnessing social media, he sees Everbridge as "light years" ahead of any other vendor.

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Healthcare Security and Emergency Response | Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

The Everbridge system allows Saint Francis to consult with key personnel during emergencies as well as better plan the hospital’s…

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Saint Francis Hospital on Everbridge

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, discusses consistent communications, mobility and emergency management, testing and training, and best practices with the Everbridge suit

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What is Everbridge?

Hear from a handful of Everbridge leaders and our customers about what it is we do and what the best parts about our platform are.

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Utilities Business Continuity and Response | Northeast Utilities

The Everbridge system enables Northeast Utilities to communicate with employees, even in adverse conditions when cell phone towers are overwhelmed…

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Improving County Communications with Everbridge | South Central Task Force Case Study

The South Central Task Force consists of eight counties in the South Central portion of Pennsylvania with 2 million citizens.…

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Announcing Everbridge’s Latest Product Release

CEO Jaime Ellertson, CTO Imad Mouline, and VP of Product Management Claudia Dent explain and introduce the new benefits and features of the new Everbridge solutions suite.

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Incident Management

Every day, operational issues impact productivity and revenue, cause production slowdowns, delay responses to time-sensitive issues and require tracking for compliance purposes. To ensure a quick response and fast resolution, it is critical to follow the correct procedure and include the information required for each incident type. An incident has a prescribed set of processes that must be followed in order to efficiently resume regular operations, notify the correct internal and external stakeholders and comply with organizational and industry guidelines. Everbridge Incident Management ensures the right processes are followed and sends consistent, error-free, and complete messages for the same incident every time to responders and stakeholders.

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Everbridge Solutions for Higher Education

Academic institutions across the country rely on Everbridge Solutions for Higher Education to meet their incident management, operational and emergency notification needs.


Improving Emergency Management with Everbridge | State of Connecticut Case Study

The state of Connecticut has a population of over 3.5 million people, as well as 21 colleges and universities. Its…

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SMARTWeather Alerting

Everbridge’s SMARTWeather Alerting leverages Weather Decision Technologies meteorological resources to enhance and optimize over 150 severe weather alerts such as lightning, tornados, thunderstorms, hail, ice, snow, extreme temperatures, high winds, flash floods, and flooding. because these severe weather types are difficult to predict far in advance, they often have terrible loss of property and life for those individuals who are caught unaware.

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Mass Notification & Interactive Visibility Overview

Take less than 3 minutes to learn about how our software is the best solution for your emergency and mass notifications, situational intelligence, and peace of mind knowing importa

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