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Everbridge University

With everything on your plate today, finding the time to fully train your staff can create real challenges– but the cost of not training your staff can be very high. Everbridge University is a self-service, online training resource for the Everbridge Platform for interactive communications and mass notification.

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Mass Notification Message Sender Certification

Sending a message with Everbridge Mass Notification is very simple. The certification process is meant to demonstrate the applicant’s understanding of the full versatility and best practices involved in creating and sending messages. There are institutions that need to be confident that key employees can safely and accurately utilize the full range of notification tools available in the Everbridge Suite. Everbridge MN Message Sender Certification enables users to demonstrate their knowledge of the range of features in Everbridge Mass Notification, how to use them, and the best practices for creating and sending messages.

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The Evolution of Emergency Notification Systems – Social Media

Join Everbridge's Imad Mouline on an in-depth discussion on the Evolution of Emergency Notification.

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Call Throttling FAQ

Large numbers of notification broadcasts being delivered to the same geographical location can overwhelm PBX systems or local telephony infrastructure, jeopardizing rapid message delivery during an incident. Everbridge provides broadcast administrators with flexible call-throttling options to configure broadcast rules based on their organization’s best practices to optimize their Emergency Notification System.

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Airport Operations

When your first responders are confronted with an active shooter, or in the event of an Alert, can your AOC initiate a response in seconds, and does this response follow your playbook 100% of the time? By automating all of your mass notification procedures and integrating with your existing sensors and alarms, Everbridge enables your team to communicate clearly and effectively with first responders, management, all badged personnel, and even frequent airport passengers via multiple contact methods.

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Transit Industry

In the event of a power failure or major flood, can you notify your employees and riders to ensure public safety, prevent panic, and maintain your reputation? How quickly can you contact all responders and coordinate resolution? From safety, security, and operations to disaster recovery, Everbridge provides a single mass notification system solution that facilitates rapid communication among targeted groups while reporting and tracking incidents across the organization.

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Improving Utility Communications With Everbridge | Park Water Company Case Study

Park Water Company (PWC) is an investor-owned, public water utility company that serves a population of approximately 200,000 people in…


Campus Alerts

Everbridge Mass Notification® for Campus Alerts enables you to communicate with your entire campus community in minutes via all contact methods, including those most popular with students, such as text messaging, cell phones, smartphones, email, instant messaging, and social media.  This notification system is easy to implement and gets remarkable penetration.

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Citizen’s Sign Up Kit Overview

The Everbridge Citizen Sign-Up Kit gives customers the tools they need to ensure a successful roll out of your mass notification system to your community. The Everbridge Citizen Sign-Up Kit includes source files for all of the following materials, enabling you to customize the text and drop in your own logos.

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Everbridge Professional Services

Leveraging a proven methodology and domain expertise in mass notification, Everbridge 1,000 deployments worldwide. Everbridge Professional Services offerings address the unique challenges of your organizational structure, operational requirements, and training needs.

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ROI for Cities & Counties

In today’s economic climate, government entities are tightening their belts and scrutinizing every dollar spent. Mass notification systems, like other software purchases, must meet stringent justification requirements, including the ability to mitigate human and financial risks, cut costs, and improve productivity and efficiency.

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Urgent Desktop

When communicating across your organization, sending critical information to your workforce quickly and effectively requires multiple delivery channels. Everbridge’s Urgent Desktop™ delivers alerts to your workforce’s computer screens in seconds; to ensure timely delivery, high visibility and optimal impact of your messages. Urgent Desktop delivers emergency notifications in a rapid and reliable way.

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