The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) is the main trade body representing UK mortgage lenders. Members include banks, building societies, and other lenders who together account for around 95% of the nation’s residential lending. The CML’s role is to bring lenders together on matters of common interest, and to speak for the collective mortgage industry. The CML promotes good practice, collects and publishes data on mortgage lending, comments on market issues, and liaises on behalf of its members with the many organisations, government departments, and commentators who have an interest in the UK’s £1.3 trillion mortgage market. CML has a small staff of 30 employees, so any communications being sent to stakeholders or employees would likely be the responsibility of an employee with a larger role outside of communications. This means they would need a notification system that is reliable and has great ease of use.

Case Study Problem

The CML was relying on phones to contact staff in the event of an incident, which was time consuming and difficult to monitor in terms of responses. When the Kingsway underground fire caused loss of power supply to the CML offices, and it was not known how long it would take to resolve, management made the decision to advise all staff to work remotely the following day and this instruction was transmitted via mobile phone. The need for a better solution with greater ease of use was recognized.

Case Study Solution For Greater Ease Of Use

The Everbridge platform was found to be a cost effective and reliable solution for CML’s needs. Everbridge has the ability to send to multiple contact paths, enables 2-way communication to track responses, and has an incredible ease of use. CML is now able to contact staffs on nearly any device, monitor the responses directly through Everbridge, with minimal training required for message senders.







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“Everbridge ensured the implementation process was smooth. It’s a very straightforward tool to use, so once you know how to set up templates for contacts, you just go away and do it. Because the interface is so straightforward, and after a few handy hints from our trainer, we were comfortable using it in a very short time.”

– David Poyser, Head of Corporate Services

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