City Index is one of the leading providers of spread betting, forex and CFD trading in the UK. Established in the UK in 1983, it has more than four hundred employees worldwide and offices in the UK, Poland, Singapore, China, Dubai and Australia. Innovative technology allows City Index to facilitate in excess of two million trades every month for individuals in over 50 countries worldwide. International financial services companies manage a large amount of data and have employees in a number of countries, creating a need for a unified and efficient global critical communications.

Case Study Problem

City Index has employees across the globe, and they recognized that their current notification system wasn’t delivering a powerful enough solution for all regions of the globe where there were employees. Their global critical communications suffered due to the benchmarked and laborious methods they were leveraging to communicate with employees and clients on a global scale.

Case Study Solution For Global Critical Communications

Everbridge provided an easy-to-use solution for City Index’s global critical communications, streamlining its emergency and day-to-day communications for clients and internal staff. The Everbridge system utilizes confirmation of receipt so those sending out the emergency communications can be sure that they are reaching their target audience, or adjust accordingly if they are not.







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“Before we started to use the Everbridge Platform, many of our team managers were not engaged in business continuity planning; now they have seen the benefits for themselves and know how end user friendly it is, they have embraced it. Because of the platform is so easy to use, we haven’t used the Everbridge University much. We global critical communicationsget each member of staff to fill out an email template and we plan to eventually have everyone update their own information, which is testament to the positive feedback and engagement we have received”

– Hana Gray, Office Manager at City Index

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