This Leading Private Research University faces the same problem almost any organization or higher ed institution faces: IT outages. Thousands of students and staff rely on properly functioning IT operations to effectively do their jobs and schoolwork, but when an IT outage occurs, this is no longer possible and can cause mass confusion on campus. Any higher ed/university IT outages need to be resolved quickly, and this requires rapid communication and coordination between IT experts to properly get operations back up and running.

Case Study Problem

This Leading Private Research University’s IT Department supports multiple IT systems and solutions across the university’s facilities, data centers and networks. During an IT system outage, the university lacked a centralized communications tool to alert on-call team members to coordinate their response and resolve their higher ed/university IT outages.

Case Study Solution for Higher Ed/University IT Outages

This Leading Private Research University deployed Everbridge’s IT Alerting tool to provide the IT department with a centralized solution to gather team members on a conference bridge during an incident or outage. Now, during P1 and other priority incidents when the university needs to engage key on-call IT staff, Everbridge IT Alerting notifies and escalates communications to team members across such diverse groups as network operations (NOC), app development and data storage. The tool ensures that only the right resolvers are contacted, improving the efficiency of the incident response process and enabling incidents to be triaged on the conference bridge. Everbridge IT Alerting is an efficient solution for expediting the process of resolving any higher ed/university IT outages.







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“Using IT Alerting has made it a lot more efficient for our NOC when responding to IT incidents. The group no longer has to search offline for on-call schedules and contact information and can easily escalate communications to the right staff, at the right time.”

– Director for IT System Support

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