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Boulder County Emergency Management Staff Accelerate Response Times During Emergencies Using the Everbridge System

Deploying Everbridge SmartGIS™ Emergency Resource Improves Procurement Times From Few Hours to Minutes – Preserving Residents’ Property and Protecting Lives

Boulder, CO – October 14, 2011 (Colorado APCO & NENA State Conference) – Everbridge, Inc., the world’s recognized leader in emergency and incident notification systems, today announced that Boulder County, Colorado’s use of Everbridge SmartGIS has dramatically decreased the amount of time it takes for emergency response personnel to acquire critical resources to fight fires, protect property, and save lives. Moreover, the highly accurate centerline data integrated with Everbridge SmartGIS ™ enables emergency response teams to more precisely target their notifications to exact geographic boundaries, avoiding the common problem of upset residents who receive erroneous alerts when less accurate notifications systems are used.

“It used to take up to several hours just to confirm we could get the resources we needed to respond to an incident,” said Chief Robert Sullenberger, Support Services Division, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. “With the Everbridge system, it now takes less than an hour to confirm the resources we need to respond to the situation.”

Centerline Data Accuracy Is Critical

Centerline data plays a critical role in supporting Boulder’s requirement for their notification system to accurately target messages only to the intended recipients. This has proved exceptionally important in the case of mapping the University of Colorado campus, which stretches across Boulder County. Most commercial mapping databases only provide generic plots lines for the entire university, which are of limited value to Boulder’s emergency teams because of their imprecision. With the Everbridge system, Boulder County has been able to utilize custom centerline data that includes campus evacuation routes, specific building locations, maintenance roads, and more.

“What I look for in a notification solution is: A. is it a robust system? B. will it meet our community’s needs? And C. what’s their support quality?” said Chief Sullenberger. “My experience has been that Everbridge has a very robust system – and there is no doubt about that. I really believe that Everbridge succeeds at all three requirements and I would recommend them to other communities.”

About Everbridge, Inc.

Everbridge, Inc., the world’s recognized leader in emergency and incident notification systems, merges technology with industry expertise to help millions of people communicate in a crisis, manage operational incidents and connect on a daily basis. The company’s notification platform is backed by redundant data centers offering unmatched availability and Zero-Single-Point-of-Failure. Everbridge serves organizations in more than 100 countries — including the State of Connecticut,, Marathon Oil Corporation, the American Red Cross, Seton Hall University and Virginia Tech — who rely on Everbridge for their emergency notification and day-to-day communication needs. For more information about Everbridge solutions, visit Connect with us on Twitter at @everbridge and on Facebook at

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