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City Of Galveston Leverages 3n Global – Emerges Victorious During Hurricane Ike

In Advance of Hurricane Season, City Shares Past Success; Keeping Residents Safe and Informed During the Nation’s Third Most Destructive Hurricane

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Mar. 5, 2009 – 3n Global, the leading global mass notification system provider, today announced the successful use of its 3n InstaCom™ Citizen Alert solution by the City of Galveston during Hurricane Ike, the third worst hurricane in history.  Before the 2009 hurricane season approaches, 3n and Galveston are reporting on the Hurricane Ike preparation and outcome to further the education and widespread adoption of emergency notification systems. 

By using 3n’s system, the City saved lives and provided crucial real-time information to residents, emergency personnel and key officials before, during and after the storm. Like other cities in the volatile Gulf Coast region, Galveston leveraged 3n’s emergency notification system to conduct voluntary and mandatory evacuations and provide critical information on storm updates, road closures and reentry instructions.  

“Living on the coast, hurricane evacuations are a matter of life and death. Rapidly communicating warnings and mandatory evacuation orders within minutes is critical for public safety,” said Alicia Cahill, public information officer, City of Galveston. “As the severity of Hurricane Ike became clear, the 3n InstaCom system allowed us to notify all of the affected residents and business owners about the storm’s projected path and deliver vital information within minutes.”

After using emergency notification tools that were unreliable and lacking in flexibility and scalability, the City of Galveston selected the 3n InstaCom emergency notification system for its robust and reliable mass communication platform. In addition, the City needed a service that supported multiple communication channels, offered comprehensive reporting tools and delivered location-based alerting.  “The 3n system provides the performance, reliability, speed, and ease-of-use we need to keep our residents informed before, during and after an emergency,” added Cahill.

The 3n InstaCom Citizen Alert solution enables organizations to communicate with thousands of residents, businesses, personnel, and first responders—across multiple communication devices including mobile phones, landlines, BlackBerry® smartphones/wireless PDAs, email, and instant messaging—in minutes. The system’s map-based GIS notification service allows users to quickly target precise geographic areas and pinpoint affected persons.

“Unpredictable events and severe weather pose unique challenges for emergency managers who need to ensure the highest level of public safety and continuity of operations,” said Marc Ladin, vice president global marketing, 3n Global. “As witnessed during Hurricane Ike, emergency notification systems are no longer a ‘nice to have,’ they are an indispensable tool for emergency communications.”

About 3n® Global
3n is the leading global provider of emergency notification solutions to Global 2000 corporations, healthcare systems, colleges and universities, and government agencies and municipalities. Organizations in more than 100 countries worldwide rely on 3n for daily operational and emergency notification needs. 3n’s innovative and powerful emergency notification system is the most advanced, efficient and easy-to-use system on the market today, enabling organizations to respond rapidly and effectively to crises and achieve considerable bottom-line savings. For more information about 3n, call toll-free at 1-888-366-4911.

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