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Press Release

Everbridge Partners with Delco to Provide Canada with Integrated Security Communications Solutions

Glendale, Calif. – Everbridge, the leading provider of interactive communication and mass notification solutions, has announced a partnership with Delco Security, Canada’s premier security solutions integrator to provide mass notification and two-way interactive communications capabilities to Delco’s customer base. This is the first partnership in Canada that completely integrates complex security and communication capabilities, supporting government, healthcare, corporate, education, and energy industries.

Everbridge supports Delco’s existing security suite of technologies to increase operational efficiencies through real time reporting and analytics, a robust, fully featured mobile application for both administrators and recipients and automated incident management capabilities. By offering interactive communication and incident management tools in concert with security applications, administrators can save valuable time in responding to any incidents that may occur.  The partnership furthers Everbridge’s business objective to partner with other leading companies to bring its mass communications solutions to a larger global audience.

“Delco believes it is essential that our security solutions have a communications backbone to ensure customers are alerted to any business or security events. Additionally, this allows them to have the ability to understand valuable feedback based on responses through the real time reporting and analytics,” said Dan Bilodeau, national critical solutions manager, Delco.

“Everbridge is dedicated to providing the most advanced mass communication and incident management tools, which greatly increase the capabilities and operational efficiencies of security organizations and teams,” said Imad Mouline, chief strategy officer, Everbridge. “By partnering with Delco, organizations in Canada now have a comprehensive source for all their security management and communications needs.”

About Everbridge

Everbridge provides industry-leading interactive communication and mass notification solutions to organizations in all major industries and government sectors.  Everbridge solutions increase connectivity to key audiences, automate communication processes, and integrate social media, data feeds, and recipient feedback into a single communications console.  Ultimately, these solutions provide the insight and infrastructure that help clients save lives, manage critical activities and improve the efficiency of daily operations. For more information about Everbridge, please see

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