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Everbridge Replaces Pager System at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett

Glendale, Calif. – Aug. 12, 2013 – Everbridge, the leading provider of interactive communication and mass notification solutions, today announced that Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, the largest health care provider in Washington State, uses Everbridge for its emergency communications and daily staffing. Like many hospitals, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett had previously relied on pagers to contact its staff for all of its critical communications. Pagers are not only costly, but are limited in their effectiveness for a number of reasons but most importantly because they present administrators with only a single contact path and are not carried by all hospital staff.

Before implementing the Everbridge system, the emergency department at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett had been using its pager system for mass casualty drills, staff meetings, and to fill staffing gaps. One of the major challenges to sending notifications was that the pagers weren’t always reliable. As a result, notifications weren’t always received, which was problematic when trying to fill staffing openings, but potentially critical if there was a time-sensitive mass casualty or other emergency event.

Notifications are now sent to recipients via their preferred contact method, generally as a text message or email on their mobile devices. The number of messages successfully received nearly tripled after implementing the Everbridge system versus the previous pager system. With the Everbridge system, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett is able to group recipients by specialty and shift worked, so that recipients only receive those requests that are appropriate to them. Targeting the messages to each group helps the hospital fill shifts faster, and also means that recipients aren’t bombarded by requests that are not relevant to their role or specialty. This replaces the manual process of calling in to a live operator with a response for an open shift, employees can now confirm message receipt for a mass casualty event or their interest in picking up an open shift directly through the Everbridge request. In the event of a staffing gap or a mass casualty event, this would allow the emergency department to easily and instantly see who had responded to the request, and who was available to help.

In comparison to the manual call tree system used prior to the pager notifications, the Everbridge solution also allows Providence Regional Medical Center Everett to instantly send a notification to an entire target group, saving a substantial amount of time.

“Everbridge provides Providence Regional Medical Center Everett with an enterprise critical communications platform that is able to support all of the hospital’s notifications from staffing to emergency situations in a fast and effective way,” said Imad Mouline, chief technology officer at Everbridge. “With the Everbridge system, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett is able to use a single system for all of its critical communications while improving receipt rates and reducing expenses.”

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