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iView Systems and Everbridge Announce Integrated Incident Reporting and Emergency Notification Solution

OAKVIEW, ON AND LOS ANGELES, CA – June 25, 2010 – iView Systems and Everbridge, the world’s recognized leader in incident notification systems today announced the availability of the fastest results-driven integrated incident reporting and emergency notification system. Leveraging the powerful combination of iView Systems’ iTrak and Everbridge Aware in one solution, organizations may now streamline the event management and notification process to save valuable time and prevent duplicate efforts during emergencies. 

The integrated iView and Everbridge solution allows operators to now seamlessly collect all of the information related to incidents in real time and trigger mass notifications based on predefined criteria. Clients can quickly and easily ensure that all necessary individuals are notified and aware of serious events without having to access multiple applications, improving operational effectiveness and efficiency.

The combined incident reporting and emergency notification solution offers organizations the flexibility to trigger the right notifications when events are entered into the iTrak system while having the option to modify actions as their business requirements change. Information from iTrak records can be passed directly into the Everbridge emergency notification platform to ensure parties are being properly informed at every step of an emergency.

“Everbridge is committed to partnering with industry leaders to support a unified approach to managing the incident lifecycle,” said Marc Ladin, Vice President of Global Marketing for Everbridge. “Integrating with iView Systems prevents unnecessary toggling between systems and most importantly, expedites and improves the incident reporting and notification process for organizations that cannot afford to take chances when it comes to corporate security and risk management.” 

“iView Systems is excited to be able to provide this high level of emergency and incident notification integrated into the iTrak System”, said James Henderson, Global Account Director at iView Systems. “By integrating with Everbridge Aware, our clients are able to streamline their operations and automatically trigger mass notifications via phone, SMS or e-mail based on information entered into iTrak, reducing repetitive work and saving valuable time when critical events occur.”

About Everbridge

Everbridge, the world’s recognized leader in incident notification systems, merges technology with industry expertise to help millions of people communicate in a crisis, manage operational incidents and connect on a daily basis. The company’s notification platform and incident lifecycle communications model makes communicating to many as simple and effective as communicating to one. Organizations in more than 100 countries—including, Marathon Oil Corporation, the State of Connecticut, the American Red Cross, and Virginia Tech—rely on Everbridge for their emergency notification and day-to-day communication needs. For more information about Everbridge, visit

About iView

iView Systems addresses the needs of multiple industries for a single desktop incident management and reporting system, providing both an incident and subject centric solution. iView’s core product (iTrak) was developed with extensive consultation with the security and surveillance marketplace. iView Systems has rapidly attained industry recognition for its unique solutions and now provides incident reporting, dispatch and visitor management platforms and services to the global security marketplace, including the gaming, banking, corporate security and other loss prevention environments. iView Systems is dedicated to maintaining a consultative process with its clients to ensure that all deployments are optimised to meet their specific requirements, through design, configuration, deployment and post deployment project processes. iView Systems is located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. For more information on iView Systems, please visit

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