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New Everbridge System Offers First Social, Mobile, Global Communications Platform for EMEA

LONDON. –October 22, 2012 – Today, Everbridge announces the availability of the next generation of mass communication software, the first social, mobile, global communications solution platform for EMEA. Unlike any communications or emergency notification solution on the market, the new Everbridge solutions suite combines interactive visibility and mass notification allowing organizations to deploy a real-time interactive communications strategy around critical activities.  The new Everbridge solutions suite simultaneously integrates social media networks and mobility on a globally ready platform to expand the reach and increase delivery of important, often life-saving, communications during major events or routine incidents. New Everbridge System Highlights Getting the right message to the right person at the right time 
  • Everbridge has made available a new solution called Mass Notification that combines notification capabilities with rich mapping and worldwide geo-targeting options in a single solution.  With Everbridge Mass Notification, you can improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of your critical communications.
Incorporating insight from social media into a critical communications strategy
  • Everbridge has made available a new solution called Interactive Visibility that gives administrators a single interactive communications console to monitor and gather intelligence from various social media and internal data sources.   With Everbridge, you can now harness the power of social media by extracting only the relevant, real-time data that is important to your organization.
Turning mobile notification recipients into additional eyes and ears on the street
  • Everbridge has made available a new Mobile Member application offered with Interactive Visibility that allows members to receive push notifications, respond to and initiate messages, and share geo-tagged images as well as information relevant to an incident or event.  With Everbridge, you can now enhance your existing emergency resources with your entire recipient network.
Creating a unified, cost-effective and efficient strategy around global communications
  • Everbridge has made available new global capabilities in Mass Notification that help organizations to reduce calling costs and comply with local data protection regulations. With Everbridge, calls are initiated locally which results in enhanced quality, improved recipient response, and reduced cost.  All contact data is stored in and confined to appropriate geographic locations to meet local regulations while providing multinational organizations a unified global view of their operations.
“While communication channels keep increasing, the ability to ensure that messages are received by intended recipients has become increasingly more complex.  To improve real-time interactive communications strategies, Everbridge solutions utilize social, mobile and global capabilities to guarantee that the right message gets to the right person at the right time – all in compliance with local data protection laws,” said Imad Mouline, chief strategy officer, Everbridge.  “What makes us truly unique is our ability consolidate feedback from these communications with insight gathered from social media and other external sources to provide organizations with a single, comprehensive view of any event or activity.” “At RSA, we are focused on providing our clients with the industry’s foremost solutions for managing governance, risk, and compliance across the enterprise,” said Patrick N. Potter, GRC solution manager, RSA, The Security Division of EMC.  “With Everbridge’s new solutions suite, integrated with our RSA Archer® Business Continuity Management solution, our clients now have access to a business critical communications system that is designed to combine geographic mapping with mass notification and actionable social media insight on a single platform to streamline and simplify communication during incident response.” Additional Resources
  • Webinar: How to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Alerting Plans Webinar – On October 4, 2012.  The webinar will feature crisis communications expert Dr. Robert Chandler, author of the book Emergency Notification, and Imad Mouline, Chief Strategy Officer, Everbridge discussing how social media is changing critical communications, and what that means for your organization. Register here!
  About Everbridge Everbridge provides industry-leading interactive communication and mass notification solutions to organizations in all major industries and government sectors.  Everbridge solutions increase connectivity to key audiences, automate communication processes, and integrate social media, data feeds, and recipient feedback into a single communications console.  Ultimately, these solutions provide the insight and infrastructure that help clients save lives, manage critical activities and improve the efficiency of daily operations. For more information about, please see
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