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SAFER Systems and 3n Announce Strategic Relationship to Provide Chemical Emergency Communications Solutions

Chemical Emergency Management Leader Enters into an Agreement with the Best-in-Class Emergency Notification Systems Provider

Camarillo, Calif. – Jan. 6, 2009 – SAFER Systems and 3n Global have established a strategic relationship to provide integrated chemical emergency management and comprehensive emergency communications solutions for the chemical, petroleum, transportation and government sectors. As a Mass Notification System Channel Partner, SAFER Systems will be able to offer customers a quick and effective way to notify key officials, staff, and the community vital information regarding who will be impacted, when they can expect to be affected, and the best course of action to avoid harm in a chemical emergency.

After evaluating several emergency notification solutions, SAFER Systems selected the 3n InstaCom™ personal emergency notification system to complement SAFER Systems’ chemical management solutions to quickly and easily share information and resources in critical situations and to notify corporate stakeholders, first responders, and emergency communication teams to respond to the aftermath of a toxic chemical accident.

“Our mission at SAFER Systems is to protect lives in the face of a toxic, flammable, or explosive chemical release,” stated Ernie Gilbert, President of SAFER Systems. “SAFER Systems’ suite of products predict and evaluate in great detail the impact of chemical emergencies on workers and the surrounding community, and effectively communicating this information is key to the success in protecting lives. We are very excited to be working with 3n to place such a powerful communications suite at the disposal of our customers when seconds can save lives.”

This integrated solution will take plume prediction, thermal radiation projections, and blast overpressure data, overlaid upon GIS or geographical information systems to generate contact lists of those who need to be notified to either evacuate or shelter-in-place. External and internal communications will be deployed including one-to-many communications over personal devices, such as land lines, cell phones, email, text messaging and more.

   The relationship will help SAFER Systems address customer needs at a time when emergency communications has emerged as a top-priority concern for businesses and institutions. The 3n Global network of data centers and redundant system architecture eclipses earlier technologies and means that this solution can be offered and implemented with confidence around the globe while maintaining the highest standards of privacy.  

3n has entered into this strategic relationship with SAFER Systems because of its strong reputation and large market share in the chemical, petroleum, transportation, and government response sectors and because of its commitment to the protection and safety of life.

“We are delighted to have SAFER Systems included in our arsenal of emergency management tools,” said Mark Bell, vice president of sales at 3n Global. “Our relationship with SAFER Systems will open up new and important opportunities to bring our message to satisfy the needs of organizations looking for the most robust, reliable and scalable notification system available. The combination of our services closes the gap between obtaining critical information when an accident occurs and being able to quickly notify and disseminate vital instructions to key decision makers, response personnel and local residents.”


About SAFER Systems
Founded in 1978, SAFER Systems is the global technology leader in chemical emergency management solutions, with chemical plume modeling software that integrates real-time weather and sensor data. The company’s scalable state-of-the-art solutions, which incorporate patented technologies, are designed to detect and accurately predict in real-time the dispersion of accidental or terrorist related releases of toxic chemical or biological agents. Using SAFER Systems products, companies worldwide that manufacture, process, store or transport hazardous materials and the communities in which they operate can better estimate the associated risks, thoroughly prepare for the possibility of a chemical release, and quickly determine the best ways to mitigate those risks when responding to an actual emergency situation. SAFER Systems’ customers include over 70% of the Fortune 500 chemical and oil companies, all Class 1 railroads in North America, and many municipal HazMat/First Responder teams, including cities, states, provinces, and the Civil Defense agencies of Singapore and Luxembourg. SAFER Systems is headquartered in Camarillo, California and maintains offices worldwide. For more information, contact Jill Bassett or visit or call 800-621-7237 (US/Canada) or 805-383-9711 (International).

About 3n ® Global
3n is the leading global provider of emergency notification solutions to Global 2000 corporations, healthcare systems, colleges and universities, and government agencies and municipalities. Organizations in more than 70 countries worldwide rely on 3n for daily operational and emergency notification needs. 3n’s innovative and powerful emergency notification system is the most advanced, efficient and easy-to-use on the market today, enabling organizations to respond rapidly and effectively to crises and achieve considerable bottom-line savings. For more information about 3n, call toll-free at 1-888-366-4911.

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