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The Valley Hospital Utilizes Everbridge Mass Communication to Maintain Operations During Hurricane Sandy

Glendale, Calif. –  The Valley Hospital, of Ridgewood NJ, recently used  Everbridge, the leading provider of interactive communication and mass notification solutions, to successfully manage its communications, protect the safety of staff and patients, and maintain continued operations during Hurricane Sandy. The Valley Hospital, which had previously relied on manual phone trees before adopting Everbridge was able to streamline the communication of critical information to patients, doctors and support staff throughout the entire lifecycle of Hurricane Sandy.

The Valley Hospital experienced power outages for several days during and immediately following the storm. While without power, and in deference to the impact the storm had on travel, The Valley Hospital determined what staff members were critical to the ongoing operations of the hospital and continuing patient care. They used the Everbridge system to maintain communications with staff to ensure that only required personnel were attempting to travel to the hospital, and notified them to bring supplies to spend time overnight on the premises.

Additionally, rumors began spreading during the lifecycle of the storm that hospital employees had special access to gasoline reserves at select gas stations. This untrue rumor had the potential to cause a crowd of people attempting to refuel their vehicles, but The Valley Hospital was able to monitor the rumor in real time and immediate correct the information, informing all involved that only hospital vehicles such as ambulances had special access to gas reserves.

“We turned first to Everbridge, it’s always the first point of contact because we know how efficient it is in providing information consistently, quickly and without any effort from our side,” said Maureen DiTore, director of telecommunications at The Valley Hospital, “We can launch a notification whether we’re inside at a desktop, laptop or out in the field using our smartphone or tablets. Immediately we know the message has been sent and we can then look at the automatic reports and see how many (people) are confirmed and how many couldn’t be confirmed, letting us know whether we need to update our contact information or not. It provides us with interactive visibility into the situation, an overall snapshot view of how successful our communications were.”

“At Everbridge we are committed to providing customers like Valley Hospital with the most reliable, user friendly mass communication solutions suite possible,” said Imad Mouline, chief strategy officer at Everbridge. “In emergency events like Hurricane Sandy, it is critical that a communications suite increase situational intelligence to ensure operations can be maintained in the safest, most efficient manner. On top of that, our elastic infrastructure model ensures that no matter the scale of the crisis, the system will perform as quickly and efficiently as expected.”

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Date/Time: Thursday, January 31, 2013, 8:30 AM PST/11:30 AM EST

Speaker: Maureen Di Tore, director, Telecommunications, The Valley Hospital

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