Everbridge Professional Services leverages a proven methodology and domain expertise, honed through more than 1,000 deployments worldwide. We work with you to address the unique challenges of strategic communications within your organizational structure, your operational requirements, and specific training needs. Choose from bundled packages or customized options designed to meet your individual specifications.

Custom Implementation

Short on resources...we can help

Trust Everbridge to accelerate your time-to-value. Our enhanced implementation services include on-site project management, consultation with a Certified Emergency Management Professional (CEM), creation of client-specific message and scenarios, development of ad-hoc report templates, and on-site emergency and incident communications reviews.

Mark Vaillancourt Senior Manager Customer Service, Digital Realty
Finally, we couldn’t be as successful as we are with Everbridge if it was not for the company’s professional services team. They worked on site with our core team, and after hours with our international team, and the interactions could not have been any more effective and positive. This is a critical, value-added service.
Chris Horne Assistant Vice President of Business Continuity Management and Corporate Security, CIBC Mellon
Our analysis actually altered the way we conduct our planning. Originally, when we implemented the program, we only had access to available work cell phone numbers, as well as home numbers and work contact information available in the system. After a few rounds of tests, we realized our typical baseline response was approximately 60 per cent. We knew we needed to do better. By making the personal cell phone option available to employees, we saw an improvement to better than 80 percent response rate on communications.

Best Practices

We don't only bring resources...we also bring best practices .

After evaluating your existing emergency and incident communications processes, we integrate industry best practices and system applications to align technology utilization with your unique environment and business objectives. Program components include the review of existing processes and templates, process improvement recommendations, implementation support for suggested changes and broadcast testing and analysis.


Premium Client Care

Where can I find the technical expertise I need?

In addition to our in-house 24x7x365 client care/Live Operator service and self-service portal, we offer premium services packages that include proactive usage and service plan reviews, Certified Emergency Management professional operational reviews, dedicated client care representatives, bi-weekly service reviews, monthly custom web-based training sessions, and development of client-specific communications materials to increase internal awareness of system value and ROI.

Tim Hunter Business Application Specialist, Emergency Preparedness & Response, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
The support team is always quicker than I expect and this allows me to get back to our stakeholders quickly with a resolution to their problems. It makes us look good to have such a quick response from Everbridge.
Key Features

Customized implementation services helps accelerate time-to-value

Comprehensive training and documentation ensure ongoing self sufficiency

Operational integration and best practices program aligns technology with your environment Web services implementation and data management assistance for incident reporting needs or event.

Premium client care service packages increase awareness, value and ROI of the Everbridge system

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