Everbridge has a complete suite of secure mobile communications solutions that are easy to use and deploy so teams in regulated industries can collaborate securely without running in to compliance concerns. Senior managers can keep their crisis communications confidential and independent of  internal systems that may be compromised.

Easy-to-use, HIPAA-secure Care Team Collaboration & Tele-consult

Care teams need to be able to quickly collaborate around a patient whether they are all in the same room or located in different facilities

HipaaBridge provides a secure, care team collaboration solution that enables you to send text messages to colleagues, hold video call consults and share images and other critical information with the entire care team-- all without violating HIPAA privacy rules.

Ronaldo Montmann Vice President of Information Technology, Broward Health
HipaaBridge allows us to text, video chat and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals using their preferred mobile devices—without violating any privacy or security mandates. Finally, we can give our doctors something they're delighted to use, while meeting our strict regulatory guidelines.
Key Features

Everbridge HipaaBridge allows for HIPAA-compliant texting, telemedicine and collaboration with one colleague or an entire clinical team from any mobile phone or desktop

Multi-modal communication including image sharing, text messaging, video calling, push-to-talk, and group messaging

Support for mobile device and desktop access to HipaaBridge

Perform tele-health consults without having to leave your clinic without having to worry about a violation. It works just like iMessage, FaceTime and Skype, but it’s secure and HIPAA compliant.

Carole Snyder PIH Health
Having the mobile application on my iPhone is also nice. We can message out from anywhere in the building, anywhere in the city and from home. We have even been able to trigger a Code Triage from home using the mobile app.

Secure Mobile Messaging and BYOD

No matter your occupation or industry, there is certain information that should never be communicated publicly.

SecureBridge is a messaging app for security-conscious organizations that need to provide an alternative way for their employees to communicate and share nonpublic information with their customers and colleagues. The mobile solution is easy to use and feature-rich, featuring text messaging, image sharing, instant push-to-talk voice communications (i.e. “voice recorder”), live video calls and conferencing.

Key Features

Share non-public and sensitive text, data and graphics with colleagues

Multi-modal communication including image sharing, text messaging, video calling, push-to-talk, and group messaging

Know when colleagues read or receive your message

Secure Messaging for Law Enforcement Agencies Using Personal Communication Devices

Public safety departments, and in particular, first responders and law enforcement, encounter sensitive and potentially life-threatening information on a regular basis.

SecureBridge is a messaging app designed to support these Law Enforcement professionals in their efforts to keep officer-to-officer and officer-to-command center communications safe and secure. The mobile app is easy to use, works across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, and operates on a cloud-based model, which allows for local or cross-state communication.

Stephen Martini Emergency Communications Supervisor for 911, City of Brentwood, TN
I learned I could have sent the same notification from my smart phone app while still lying in bed at 2 a.m. This would have cut my notification time in half (not having to stumble out of bed, find and start my laptop and try to navigate through sleep-filled eyes to the web site). Since this incident, I have used the Everbridge notification function in the app to alert 9-1-1 dispatchers to fill staffing needs on a tight turn-around, and I get great results. All while sitting in my chair while watching a football game on TV, grilling burgers at a family picnic, or accompanying my wife on a shopping trip.
Key Features

Share nonpublic and other sensitive text, data or graphics with officers or the command center

All you need to do is hold down the button, speak and recipients will hear you on the other end - it’s that easy. The voice recorder feature is even faster than texting, and if someone needs to refer back to your voice message, they can play it over and over again.

Know when officers or the command center has read - or received - your message. You will also be able to see when someone’s in the middle of a reply, optimizing communication flow.

Send messages to one party or an entire department at once along with images, graphics and videos. When someone replies, everyone sees it.

Send Mobile Mass Notification Messages

ManageBridge brings the same set of rich communications features available in Mass Notification to administrators who frequently use smartphones and tablets.

ManageBridge brings the same set of secure and rich communications features available in Mass Notification to administrators who frequently use smartphones and tablets. It is a free, native mobile application available to Everbridge clients that gives you more control than ever before over emergency notifications.



Jody Grizz Continuity Program Coordinator, LG&E KU Energy
A lot of times when we need to use the Everbridge system I might not be at my desk. In these instances, I use the mobile app that is available. I would much rather send a message out using a mobile app because it’s just so much easier. I can access the app on either my iPhone or iPad, which is one of the great benefits of Everbridge.
Key Features

Provide instant updates and gather quick responses to assess what resources are needed and available

Transmit SMS messages in low bandwidth or weak connectivity areas using Apple iOS and Android devices

Create specific stakeholder conference notifications to bring response teams and executives together, or launch secure push notifications on-the-fly

Monitor real-time push notifications from mobile devices using an interactive graphical reporting interface

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