Visitor Engagement provides an easy way to extend your crisis and operational communications to include facility visitors, contractors, healthcare patients and third-party workers so that they can easily opt-in to receive important news, safety information and more.

Now it is easier than ever to expand your emergency planning and communications to include part-time employees, contractors or visitors.

Visitor Engagement for Corporations

Successful organizations are built on an active and engaged workforce.

Whether your workforce is made up of shift-workers, full-time, part-time, or even third-party service providers, it is important to keep all stakeholders engaged and informed, including visitors and contractors. Everbridge Visitor Engagement truly is the ideal solution for easily collecting contact opt-in information and one-click social media publishing capabilities.

Renee Welsh Director of Facilities and Security, Pratt & Whitney
The system can allow you to be notified in a very quick fashion, very precise and to the point. You have to remember that there’s multiple ways that you can be notified with this system. We can do it by a simple cellphone where you’d get a text message across. It can be done by your email. You can even come across your phone as a verbal message.
Gus Hudson Director, Emergency Management, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
We also use Everbridge to let people know when there is traffic at or around the airport; to share weather alerts for any type of impending weather; and for other more routine issues. We also use Everbridge to notify stakeholders of training exercises; put simply, we use the Everbridge Mass Notification system for anything that could cause an impact to a stakeholder.

Visitor Engagement for Airports

The public has come to expect - and demand - information in real time, whether it is communication to visiting passengers about a special event, noise or construction updates to airport neighbors or critical notifications to the public as they drive to the airport.

Allows passengers, airport neighbors and community members, or those traveling in for a special event, to text a simple keyword to 888-777 to easily opt-in and receive event updates, traffic and parking information, noise or construction bulletins and more.

Visitor Engagement for Higher Education

University and college campuses are extremely busy places with multiple groups of people including students, parents, campus visitors, sports fans and more.

With Everbridge’s Visitor Engagement, you can easily grow a contact database across these diverse groups by using event-based keyword opt-ins, while maintaining complete control over the publishing of your messages via social media and other contact paths. Everbridge Visitor Engagement is the ideal solution for easily communicating with students, parents and campus visitors in real-time—especially during emergencies and other critical situations.

Ronald M. Quagliani Associate Vice President of Public Safety & Administrative Services, University of New Haven
The initial message went out from my cell phone minutes after I received the call of the potential threat to the campus. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with any other product. It really reinforced why I chose a school alert system from Everbridge.
Brian F. Macguire ‎Business Continuity Analyst, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
The on-call staff are most important. It’s very hard to find the specific person. It’s very hard to find the specific device. Everbridge makes that a lot easier, empowering CHOP to activate the right teams and automate communications to them.

Visitor Engagement for Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities play host to multiple groups of people including visitors, patients, contractors and more.

Everbridge Visitor Engagement is the ideal solution for easily communicating with visitors, patients and personnel in real-time—especially during emergencies and other critical situations.

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