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As a result of the Everbridge acquisition of SnapComms, we are excited to expand on and improve our ability to communicate within your organization. Whether you need to communicate information fast, augment critical communications, improve employee engagement, or increase behavioral change, our solutions guarantee your messages will get through.

High-impact, visual internal corporate communications tools bypass email completely, delivering the results you need without adding to information overload. Reach every employee, wherever they are, whatever device they’re on, whether they are in an office, hospital, school or working remotely. Help your team to know exactly what to do whether it’s an emergency or non-emergency communication.

With SnapComms, you have everything you need to support your business communications.

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Employee engagement

Not every message is the same

There are many types of messages ranging from critical to nice to know. Organizations need to ensure they are using the right communication method to match the criticality of the message and include the right modalities to gain attention. Everbridge’s SnapComms solution has the capabilities you need to deepen your connection with employees whether they are in the office or working from home. Beyond critical events, it’s important to deliver ongoing employee communications that encourage higher employee engagement and reduce message fatigue.



Interact with the remote workforce

Engage employees working from home by using their digital computer displays to deliver eye-catching communications . A range of channels offer powerful ways to create the highest engagement and impact for remote teams.

Cut through the clutter

Not every message deserves the same level of attention – or the same communication path. Send non-critical communications through channels best aligned to your content, such as Tickers, Surveys or Newsletters, delivered direct to desktop without adding to email-overload.

Connect with hard-to-reach employees

For employees on the floor or who work in restricted areas with limited access to phone or email, SnapComms enables you to take over the screen and send notifications direct to desktops, mobiles and digital signage to get immediate attention.

Raise awareness – increase recall

Using multiple modalities to share your message ensures that the message is seen and reinforced through a variety of channels. Help to increase the awareness of your messages by delivering them in channels best suited to the message and reinforcing them in ways to increase message recall.

Grow brand strength internally

Customizing message templates to incorporate brand colors, fonts and styles makes your messages both more visually appealing and aligned with your corporate identity.

Increase workplace satisfaction

Proactively remind employees of values and objectives, communicate organizational changes, raise engagement with company news and events, and minimize distractions. Engagement is about deeper, more meaningful interactions through the right channel.

Your messages seen and read – every device, every time

Instead of exclusively relying on email, all channels become the stage to convey your message. Showcase messages where they are most relevant – from the reception desk to a mobile device or a personal computer.

Trusted multi-media channels for leadership messages

Employees look to their employers for trusted information – not just about the business, but current events like the COVID-19 pandemic. Leadership visibility is important to build trust and loyalty. Use video alerts to inform and inspire employees digitally when leaders can’t be there in person.

Engage with a Gen Z workforce

Gen Z is known as “the smartphone generation” and grew up in a world of constant connectivity. Everbridge SnapComms helps you communicate with this generation of digital natives through consumer-grade app experiences and a variety of vibrant, visual channels.

All of these benefits combine to empower your team to engage employees, delivering higher impact with better reach and improved effectiveness.

Case studies

KPMG case study

Learn how KPMG Defined the Future of Work After COVID-19 using digital alerting with a multi-channel approach.

Air France case study

With Everbridge’s SnapComms solution powered by SnapComms, Air France takes employee communications to new heights in their contact center.

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