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Integration Guide



Cherwell license: Any version:

Cherwell Service Manager

  • On-premises 7.0.0

Everbridge license: active IT Alerting Standard or IT Alerting Enterprise

Version: SaaS Annual Subscription (latest version).


  • Cherwell user account must be a member of administrator group
  • Everbridge User Account with API Privileges
  • An API key is needed, but that will be generated when you perform the procedures in the iPaaS Configuration section of the Everbridge user guide under Documentation at


Installation of extra software, beyond Everbridge and Cherwell, is not needed.

Self-service configuration of Jira integration, by an end user, is easy from the Settings -> Everbridge Open -> iPaaS  tab of the Everbridge SaaS application. Click “New Agent”:

Inbound Interaction

User can control the conditions under which Cherwell automatically triggers incident creation in Everbridge:

cherwell screenshot 2

Without coding, end user can drag-and-drop to build a workflow that orchestrates how Everbridge reacts to updates in Cherwell:

Outbound Interaction

Everbridge incident and delivery details are available in Cherwell:

Cherwell Screenshot 4



In Everbridge, create an Incident Template configured with Cherwell fields


In Cherwell, create an Issue that matches the condition configured in Everbridge Incident Template


Cherwell automatically triggers incident creation in Everbridge


Everbridge notifies contacts, to resolve the issue, and then closes the loop with Cherwell


Online Help

Under Help & Support -> Online Help, read the following section:

Cherwell screenshot 5

Under Help & Support -> Everbridge Support Center, download the IT Alerting User Guide, and read the following section:

cherwell user guide screenshot
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