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IBM QRadar

Integration guide

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IBM license: IBM QRadar SIEM

Version 7.2.8 or higher

Everbridge license: Active IT Alerting standard or IT Alerting enterprise

Version: SaaS Annual Subscription (latest version).


  • An IBM QRadar administrator account must be used to install and configure the extension
  • An IBM QRadar Authorized Service and corresponding Authorized Service Token are required in order to use this extension
  • Everbridge user account with API Privileges
  • An API key is needed, but that will be generated when you perform the procedures in the iPaaS Configuration section of the Everbridge user guide under Documentation at


A distributable archive and documentation for installing and configuring the integration is available on the IBM X-Force App Exchange.

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Inbound Interaction

User can control the conditions under which IBM QRadar automatically triggers incident creation in Everbridge:

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Outbound Interaction

Everbridge incident and notification delivery details are available in the IBM QRadar offense details:

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When the delivery details URL is visited, a page like the following is displayed:

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You can configure the IBM QRadar integration and choose whether or not Everbridge incidents are automatically created from IBM QRadar offenses:

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You can also customize the fields that are sent to Everbridge:

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And you can manually create an incident from an IBM QRadar offense details page:

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Under Help & Support -> Online Help, read the following section:

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Under Help & Support -> Everbridge Support Center, download the IT Alerting User Guide, and read the following section:

Download the Admin Guide for the IBM QRadar Integration from IBM’s X-Force App Exchange.

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