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Previstar continual preparedness system

Previstar offers organizations a comprehensive standards-based incident lifecycle management tool.

Previstar for incident preparedness
Previstar incident lifecycle management

Incident lifecycle management

Previstar utilizes three core modules that can be used individually or in tandem as an integrated solution:

  • Plan manager
  • Resource manager
  • Incident manager

When combined, these three modules provide a seamless platform for team collaboration and coordination. Multiple stakeholders across jurisdictional and agency boundaries can use this solution for training, exercising, and other programs.

Plan manager

Previstar plan manager is designed to bring teams together and facilitate the planning process to create and maintain standards-based, customizable plans based on organization’s needs. Benefits of this comprehensive platform include:

  • Step-by-step, standards-based planning process
  • Customizable planning templates
  • Automated review and approval workflow
  • Outputs to Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Resource planning and gap reporting
Previstar plan manager
Previstar to resource incident management

Resource manager

Previstar resource manager provides resource visibility and tracking capabilities throughout all phases of the incident lifecycle.

  • Resource lifecycle tracking of equipment, materials, supplies, teams, skills and facilities
  • Custom or NIMS-based resource typing
  • Resource requests, mobilizations, and deployment management
  • Tracking check-ins and assignments
  • Usage and consumption-cost calculations

Incident manager

Previstar incident manager provides an online command center, giving organizations an operational standard for situational awareness, decision support, and multijurisdictional coordination.

  • Comprehensive situational awareness
  • Multijurisdictional incident command
  • Real-time data sharing
  • Auto-populated incident statuses
  • Personalized dashboards for incident overviews
  • Mobile compatible
Situational awareness for critical events

Key features

Globally Located

Integrated GIS

View the map to make strategic decisions on resource inventory, deployments, facilities, skilled personnel, incident locations, and other critical information.

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Mobile ready

Modify and review plans on smartphones and tablets. Key capabilities of the system needed by field personnel are optimized for mobile devices.

Icon Flexible Redundant Access Black

Seamless access

Access resources, personnel details, and plans using a browser. This ensures that data is easily accessible no matter the device and location.

Mass Notification

Notification system

Send and receive notifications within the system, and to external email addresses.

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Standards compliance

Utilize a system developed in compliance with India Code: Disaster Management Act, 2005, NDMA Incident Response System Guidelines, and FEMA’s National Incident Management Framework.

Vaccine Compliance

Resource typing

Define resources based on National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards for resource typing. Users can keep up to date on resource terminology, cost codes, and more.

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Flexible implementation

Implement the platform based on organization’s needs and requirements. Available on-premise or as cloud-based solution.

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Hierarchal data design

Manage incidents within an organization and invite others to collaborate as they escalate. Previstar’s hierarchical data design ensures flexibility and scalability.

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