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Everbridge Smart Security enables organizations to prepare for potential risk with proactive, engaging communications. And when a critical event happens, it is not enough to simply know about it. You need to communicate quickly and reliably.

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Successfully monitor potential hazards, prepare and responding to incidents, and communicate in ways that reach most people with the right information, keeping them informed and safe.

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Everbridge Business Operations is integrated with the Everbridge Critical Event Management (CEM) Platform, providing a single solution for business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency communication.

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When seconds count, locating your employees is vital — while they are traveling, or simply moving between buildings or campuses. Everbridge People Resilience aggregates data to show you where your employees are right now, in real-time.

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Software can help support and streamline digital transformation. Everbridge provides enterprise software applications for automating and accelerating an organizations’ operational response to critical events in order to keep people safe and organizations running.

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Simplified communications and collaboration for Public Safety


Protecting people, property and critical infrastructure for all levels of government before, during, and after critical events

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When life safety communications matter most, reach your residents and businesses across landline, VoIP, and mobile phone numbers.


Understanding what data Public Warning Technology collects and for what purpose.


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