Why Multijurisdictional Notification Deployments are the Future of Public Safety


When jurisdictions share a single notification system, they can more effectively respond to incidents and generate significant cost savings without losing individual autonomy. Local authorities can still manage their own notifications, but gain access to a larger source of intelligence, and can coordinate more closely with adjacent jurisdictions.

  • Cover more residents at less cost
  • Protect the most vulnerable
  • Increase resident opt-ins
  • Interoperability for more reliable mutual aid
  • Shared situational intelligence for coordinated response
  • Streamlined training to prevent mishaps


enables Connecticut authorities to communicate critical information directly to every hospital, emergency response agency, business and resident across the state to keep them safe and informed. The system is used for both emergencies and important day-to-day operations. Subscribe at http://www.ct.gov/ctalert/site/default.asp.


disseminates public safety information such as Amber Alerts, sex offender alerts, weather warnings and evacuation notifications throughout the state. The system uses multiple communication methods including SMS, email, IPAWS, reverse 911 and social media to send geographically-targeted alerts. Subscribe at www.nyalert.gov/home.


distributes public safety information such as Amber Alerts, weather warnings and evacuation notifications across multiple communication methods including SMS, email, IPAWS, reverse 911 and social media for geographically-targeted alerts. Subscribe at www.vtalert.gov/enroll.


provides statewide emergency alert and notification services to Florida residents, businesses and visitors in their preferred language and method for receiving alerts, including SMS text messaging, e-mail, voice calls, TDD/TTY messaging, and mobile device apps for AndroidTM, Apple® and Windows® mobile devices. Subscribe at https://archive.floridadisaster.org/alertflorida/.

Statewide Notification Deployments Offer Cost Savings

Economies of Scale

Training Cost Savings

Statewide Notification Deployments Reward Public Safety

Enhanced Situational Intelligence

Increased Opt-Ins

Protect the Most Vulnerable

Improved Mutual Aid

Cover all Residents in All Jurisdictions

Reduce Notification Errors

Customer Story: AlertFlorida’s Statewide Notification System

“Ensuring the safety of all Floridians is the Division’s top priority. The selection of Everbridge as the AlertFlorida vendor marks a milestone toward providing the State’s Emergency Managers with a standardized system to communicate critical emergency information to every resident, business and visitor in Florida.”

Bryan W. Koon
Florida Department of Emergency Management Director

In 2016, Everbridge was selected as the service provider for the development and implementation of AlertFlorida, a landmark initiative that provides statewide emergency alert and notification services to Florida residents, businesses and visitors.

Each participating jurisdiction is able to customize the categories of alerts available in their community through a local opt-in portal. The system also will provide automated notifications of flash floods, tornados, and other watches and warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

AlertFlorida has set the standard for emergency notification:

  • Prior to AlertFlorida, many cities could not independently afford to purchase their own notification system, leaving many residents with no way to be reached in an emergency. By adopting a state-wide model, the overall cost of purchasing and maintaining an emergency notification system decreased substantially.
  • The Florida Department of Health maintains their access and functional needs (AFN) information in their database, including critical resource needs. This provides critical information to local emergency managers and first responders in pre-planning efforts such as wellness checks and emergency response coordination. Because the AFN data is managed at the State level, the statewide deployment allows Counties to access the data.

In preparation for Hurricane Irma, Florida promoted the keyword #FLPREPARES, asking residents and visitors to text the keyword to 888-777 to receive critical updates and information from government officials. During the course of Hurricane Irma, 20 million messages were sent, and over 600,000 individuals opted-into the system—expanding their reach from 280,000 contacts to roughly 900,000 contacts. The uniformity of the state-wide system created a standardized message that was easily adopted and deployed across all public safety entities in the state. And in turn, public messaging was clear, concise and consistent throughout the event.

Everbridge Powers Statewide Notification Deployments

Large deployments require a resilient platform. The Everbridge Critical Event Management platform has the scalability and reliability to power large-scale deployments. You can be confident that your messages will be sent, whether to 100 or 100,000 people.

5 Billion

messages since 2012



200+ Countries

secure confirmed delivery

199+ Million

contacts managed

Level 3 Certified

DHS telecom service provider



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