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What We Do Matters

Our mission is critical, and “good enough” simply isn’t good enough for us.

Terrorist attacks, active shooters, natural disasters, and cyber assaults are only some of the critical events Everbridge plans for every day.  Across the globe, thousands of corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit institutions rely on Everbridge to help keep people safe and operations running.

That’s a big responsibility and it drives every decision we make.


#TEAMEverbridge: Who Are We?

We’re a diverse team of talented, motivated, and passionate individuals. Our employees are our most important and greatest assets.  They build and own the company culture, enforce our values and their passion fuels our continued innovation and growth. We’re a dedicated team of overachievers.  It’s baked into our DNA.  We ask ”Why not?” and choose to take on the most complex challenges with confidence because we know that together #TEAMEverbridge can accomplish anything.

Individually we are amazing but together we are remarkable.
Everyday.  Together.
We are #TEAMEverbridge.

#TEAMEverbridge: Why Do We Work Here?

We’re a mission-driven organization with an embedded commitment our employees’ success.

Our people continue to prove – time and time again – that they’ll over achieve and deliver best-in-class results.  As an organization, we’ll ensure you have the support you need to do so.  We take the time to appreciate the individual contributions that make our collective success possible.  We promote from within, we advance swiftly, and, as our VP of Corporate Development likes to remind us, ”it takes a village” to thrive, prosper and grow.

#TEAMEverbridge: What We Value

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    Obsessed with Customer Success

    We aim to exceed customer expectations and expand the value we provide to every customer. After all, our customers sit at the center of why we do what we do. We expect every employee has this mindset regardless of your function, title, or level. Before any decision we ask, "how will this benefit our customers?" That makes it easy to prioritize what we do and how we spend our time?

  • Fueled with Passion

    We are driven by an unyielding passion for our mission, our customers, our team, and our company. It is part of our core and baked into the DNA of every member of #TEAMEverbridge. We believe our passion defines us and is the core attribute that has fueled our unprecedented success.

  • Guided by Integrity

    Every strategy we define, tactic we execute and decision we make is lead with integrity. We are focused on the highest standards of ethical business conduct and guided by a simple principal: Do the right thing. Integrity means that our customers can have faith that we will meet our commitments and that our employees can trust each other to deliver on commitments.

  • Veterans

    A Team of Leaders

    Every member of #TEAMEverbridge is a leader. We are self-aware and self-critical, but never arrogant. We maintain a sharp eye for analytics that drive high performance, while remembering to empower others and encourage diverse perspectives. We lead by example and encourage everyone to shine.