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Everbridge Solutions Overview

Know. Respond. Improve

Our software automates the key steps for responding to a critical event. It aggregates threat data from third party and internal sources so customers can assess risk, and locate people and assets at risk and those needed to respond. It then enables customers to act by executing pre-defined processes based on the type of threat for who should be contacted and how, what message to send, and who to escalate to if a responder is not available. Our platform then sends out notifications and instructions via text, voice, email—over 100 modalities—in 15 languages as needed, organizes conference bridges for people to collaborate, and analyzes return messages. Automating these steps enables them to be completed quickly, highly reliably and at scale at a time when minutes often matter.

Critical Event Management (CEM) Solutions

Critical events happen every day: severe weather, workplace violence, active shooters, terrorism, IT and power outages, environmental discharges, critical equipment failures, medical emergencies, social media attacks… They threaten safety and brand reputation, interrupt supply chains, and disrupt operations.

Solutions for Business Operations

Business Operations

Build Enterprise Resilience with Enhanced Business Operations and Safeguard Assets

Everbridge Business Operations helps businesses prepare for, and respond to, critical events, protecting facilities and business operations.

People Resilience

Build a Resilient Workforce

Everbridge People Resilience solutions help businesses prepare for, and respond to, critical events, keeping people healthy, safe, and productive wherever they work or travel around the globe. 

People Resilience Solutions
Solutions for Digital Operations

Digital Operations

Automate Digital Operations to Power the World’s Best Customer Experiences

Everbridge’s Digital Operations Platform allows teams to open fewer tickets and spend less time reinventing iterative resolutions, leading to faster Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

Smart Security

Unified Security Operations

Everbridge Smart Security helps organizations maintain control of their security by identifying threats to their people or assets and orchestrating a rapid response across teams and systems, all within an easy-to-use common platform.

Smart Security Solutions
Public Safety Solutions

Public Safety

Communicate Before, During, and After a Critical Event

Harness the ability to monitor critical events, alert the population, and mobilize a coordinated response across multiple agencies.

6,300 Global Customers Rely on Everbridge

Everbridge solutions help keep people safe and operations running, with benefits that include improving ROI, reducing costs, improving customer experience, and promoting staff retention. Our solutions are used by:


Of the 10 Largest
U.S.-Based Investment Banks


Of the 10 Largest
Global Automakers


Of the 10 Largest
Global Technology Companies


Of the 10 Largest
U.S.-Based Healthcare Providers


Of the 10 Largest
U.S. Cities


Of the Fortune 50 


Top Banking Groups in Australia and New Zealand


Of the 25
Largest U.S. Cities


Of the 50 Busiest
North American Airports


Countries Use Everbridge for National Alerting

How Our Solutions Help Industries and Private Sectors

Financial Services

Standardize and automate threat detection, crisis management, incident response and emergency communications across siloed operational risk groups.

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Hospital Healthcare Solutions

Hospitals and Healthcare

Maintain a safer environment of care by ensuring IT systems and technologies are running smoothly.

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Tech & Telcomm

Seamlessly reach distributed workforces, stakeholders, and customers.

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Energy and Utilities

Operations and pipeline management to managing demand response and proactive customer communications through rapid communication with your internal teams and the communities. 

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Automating notification procedures so transportation providers can communicate quickly, clearly.

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Retail and eCommerce

Anticipate threats, assess data, communicate with response teams, impacted employees, and stakeholders to minimize business disruptions.

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Government and Federal Agencies

Government and Federal Agencies

Respond quickly, make better decisions and protect people with emergency notifications combined with situational intelligence.

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Prevent supply chain disruptions and technology failures to reduced factory utilization rates, lost revenue, and employees risk. 

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Government Solutions

States and Local Government

Anticipate and prepare for events and share information with residents, staff and emergency personnel.

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campus weather communications

Higher Education

Solutions for campus safety and security teams to manage tasks, share response plans, and maintain command and control over response teams during a critical event.

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K-12 School Safety

Orchestrate a collaborative approach for incidents such as active shooter, bomb threats, and medical emergencies by engaging all appropriate district and campus first responders.

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