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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

A leader among critical event management platforms

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Keeping people safe and organizations running

Demonstrated Reliability
Trusted by 6,500 global customers
Why Everbridge Critical Messages
Billions of critical interactions every year
Value Realization
Proven 358% ROI, according to Forrester
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Recognized by G2 for leading incident management
Why Everbridge G2 Log 97x100 1
Most complete,
end-to-end critical event solutions

The power of Everbridge 360™

Everbridge 360™ represents our relentless dedication to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and unified interface to manage critical events across one single platform so you can know earlier, respond faster, and improve continuously.

More effectively manage critical events, minimize communication delays, and improve overall organizational resilience through the industry’s most advanced and unified dashboard.

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How we help

Everbridge digitizes organizational resilience at scale and enables customers to protect their people and assets with an integrated suite of critical event management solutions.

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Helping manage critical events for 6,500+ customers globally

As a mission-driven organization, Everbridge is committed to fulfilling our duty of care, guiding our customers through critical challenges, and positively impacting the world. Our customers include Fortune 1000 businesses, and leaders in industries such as: financial services, healthcare, tech and telecom, energy and utilities, transportation, retail and eCommerce, government, manufacturing, and education.

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“With the Crisis Management module, we’re able to quickly assess the situation, activate the appropriate plan, and ensure the right actions are being taken to best protect our people and our branches.”

Jay Sartori

VP Associate Director, Corporate Security, Santander

Forrester Key Statistics

Significant ROI from critical event management solutions 

A composite organization comprised of interviewees with experience using the CEM platform achieved a 358% ROI and US$8.5M in three-year risk-adjusted benefits, according to a commissioned Total Economic Impact(TM) Study by Forrester Consulting.  

This includes: 

  • $3M in efficiency gains 
  • $2M saved in reduced IT downtime 
  • $1.5M in security team productivity gains 

Discover the value Everbridge can bring to your organization from our ROI calculator, checklist, and full TEI study. 

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